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This web site was created by Eva's three daughters in memory of her passing on October 16, 2011. It's purpose is to allow family and friends located across the country to reminisce and comment if they like on the Guestbook page. If you would like to contact one of us, use the Contact page.

A former Elizabeth resident, Eva K. Thompson, age 86, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, passed away peacefully on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at Broward Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Ft. Lauderdale. Born December 24, 1924 in Forward Township she was a daughter of the late Agnes and John Kapuska. She was preceded in death by five siblings Mary, Walter, Frank "Pete", Helen, and Stanley; and her husband Donald L. Thompson whom she married in 1947.

By 1972, two of her daughters, Nancy and Donna, lived in Ft. Lauderdale and called it their home. Eva and Sandy, her youngest daughter, followed them to Ft. Lauderdale a year later where Eva enjoyed her own apartment.

After Donna moved to the Cayman Islands, Eva visited her twice - once in the late 70's and again in the mid 80's. She fondly remembered her sailboat cruise and the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

Shortly after her last visit to Donna, it was decided that due to health issues she should not live alone. Sandy welcomed her mother into her home so that she could watch over her. During this time Eva became an active participant with the Ft. Lauderdale Multiple Sclerosis Society where she helped many people with MS and earned many awards. All this while she was suffering with the disease herself.

Sadly, after a few years Eva was unable to move around herself or with the help of Sandy. It was decided she should move into an assisted living residence in north Ft Lauderdale. While at this residence she came under the care of Dr. Caren Singer. Dr Singer's office was in Ft Lauderdale and she suggested that Eva move nearer to her office, so she could visit her more often. Eva moved to Broward Nursing and Rehabilitation Home. Dr. Singer remained her primary care physician for 25 years, but more importantly she remained a dear friend to Eva until the end. All three of Eva's daughters are grateful to Dr. Singer for her loving care of their mother.

Eva was lovingly cared for at the Broward Nursing Home where she remained for the last 19 years of her life. Among the nurses, Eva really looked forward to seeing Nurse Mark Smith. Her daughters were sure she had a crush on him!

Maggie Fairchild, in Social Services, always checked in on her, and if she needed any toiletries she would put these on her shopping list. Eva was also fond of Myrtle Campbell, one of the CNAs. Even when Myrtle was working elsewhere in the facility (was not assigned to Eva), she would stop by to see how Eva was doing. She always remembered Myrtle because her name was that of a flower.

Eva is survived by three daughters, Donna Sjostrom of the Cayman Islands, Nancy Cardinali of San Francisco, CA, and Sandy O'Neil of Clearwater, FL and her youngest sister, Annie Davis of Blaine Hill, Elizabeth, PA. Ten nieces and nephews also survive her. No visitation is scheduled. Her daughters will hold a private memorial service in Florida.

Local arrangements made by the Paul E. Bekavac Funeral Home, Elizabeth, PA.


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